Every Home Deserves Quality Paints and Craftsmanship

Paint Pros represents Painting Professionals. Our company is built on the idea of connecting only the real professionals in the painting industry to put on quality coating on every Malaysian homes. Being an ordinary house owner like every single homeowners in Malaysia, we often face irresponsible painting contractors that provide painting services with inferior products and poor workmanship that do not follow the industry standards. This is very common in Malaysia due to the fact that most of the wall problems often take some time to be appeared on the surface. Unfortunately, It is difficult to avoid as there are limited information on what we can get regarding the contractor that we are going to appoint.

At Paint Pros, we understand the importance of having a good painting job to the homeowners, from exterior paint that will lift up the curb appeal of your house/business premises, to interior paint that changes the feeling and atmosphere to your daily life. A professionally done painting job can make a big difference. That is why a good wall painter plays an important role in adding extra value to your premises. We strive to run the traditional business the innovative way, by minimizing asymmetric information between the painters and the homeowners, everything is made clear before every painting job is carried out. We guarantee that all our painters are well-trained so you are rest assured that the quality of the painting job done on your premises are up to the industry standard.

Our goal in Paint Pros is simple – simply to connect only certified and well-trained applicators to the homeowners, and empower them to provide their best service and craftsmanship at reasonable price. To the homeowners, that simply means a worry-free house painting experience that worth every single cent you paid to the contractor. We wish to create the best possible experience to our customers, and to one day become the ultimate destination of hiring a painting contractor in Malaysia.

Quality Products

Professional Workmanship

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