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Floor coatings are commonly used for commercial and industrial flooring, epoxy flooring is one of the more popular flooring in Malaysia. There are two main floor coating materials that are commonly being used in Malaysia, namely Epoxy coating and PU coating. Epoxy flooring provides excellent performance and durable coating that is able to last for years. PU coating on the other hand, is also a durable floor coating commonly used as a top coat if the surface is exposed to UV.

Many factories, warehouses, and offices prefer floor coatings over other forms of flooring as it provides a seamless, durable, and safe surface for their daily operations. Floor coating is a highly specialized sector for paint application, and is highly advisable to hire a professional floor coating contractor to conduct a floor inspection before applying floor coating.

Paint Pros Flooring Contractor

Paint Pros houses a team of flooring experts that is capable to provide inspection and application for various industrial and commercial buildings, including warehouses, factories, pharmaceutical buildings etc. Different floor coating systems will be advised depending on your building requirements.

Water Base Epoxy Flooring

Water-base Epoxy Flooring

Water-base epoxy flooring is a perfect flooring solution for offices and healthcare facilities. It is seamless, extremely durable and has little to no smell. Anti-slip option is available to provide a safer surface for human traffic.

Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy flooring is a perfect solution for factory and warehouse, it is chemically safe and extremely durable for heavy duty works. Its high-gloss surface can significantly increase brightness in the industrial interior.

Epoxy Flooring for warehouse and factory
Wood Deck Varnish Coating

Wood Deck PU Coating

Facility deck PU coating provides the perfect solution to protect your wood deck and human traffic. it enhances the appearance and is extremely durable.

Road Marking

Road marking is a perfect replacement for the tradition Cold and Thermoplastic marking as it is easier to maintain and it able to touch up whenever a repair is needed.

Road Marking and Road line Paint

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