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When it comes to home improvement, a fresh coat of paint is always a great form for your property. Thus, hiring a skilled professional house painter for your house painting can definitely help to enhance the aesthetic and increase the overall value of your house. 

Many home owners in Malaysia do not aware the importance of having a professional wall painter in their house renovation and attempt to save money by leaving the painting job to the housing contractor. In most instances, however, it is often done in unprofessional ways with inferior products. It is because the conventional housing contractor or renovator do not have specialized knowledge about wall painting. 

Building materials comes in many different forms and are changing every year, and painting specialists are always kept updated and pick the right product and painting system that works best with the base material.

Professional Wall Painter

That is why hiring a professional wall painter is important in your renovation works. The first reason is that a professional wall painter maintain good relationship directly with the manufacturer to make sure they are up to date with the latest products, and keeping prices remain competitive in the market. Secondly, the house painting contractor know exactly what product to use that best fit into different condition, so quality of the painting works performed can be guaranteed.

Paint Pros have a strong company profile and provide all types of painting services, including exterior painting, interior painting, special effect painting, textured coating, tiles painting and floor coating. We constantly train our house painters to keep up with the latest painting standards, and review our painters from time to time. Only certified painters will be sent to serve our clients, and with that we are sure that our painters are well-equipped to provide a total solution to cover all range of possible request you have.

House Painting and Repainting

House Painting

Our professional & certified painters will only carry our painting job with well recognized products and painting system according to manufacturers’ guidelines.

Metal Coating

If the metalwork of your house is primed, a proper undercoat will be applied before subsequent finishing coat. Finishing ranging from gloss finish to matt finish are available.

Metal Painting
Wood Painting

Wood Coating

Wood coating provides a solid colour of your preference to your woodwork and protect them from damage at the same time. A layer of undercoat will be applied before any subsequent finishing paint.

Wood Varnish

Wood varnish adds sheen to your woodwork and enhance the visibility of the natural wood grains. It is best applied on wood furniture that come with visible natural wood grains. 

Wood Varnish
Water Base Epoxy Flooring

Floor Coating

Floor coating can be done on every type of premises, be it your house, office, or even factory, we have a wide range of products and relevant application skills and knowledge to fulfill all the requirements you may have.

Special Effect Paints

Our designer painters are skilled to apply a wide range of special effect paints of your liking. Do reach out to us for free consultant on special effect designs for your premises.

Nippon Momento Special Effect Paint
textured painting

Textured Coating

Textured coating mimic the finish of natural granite stone at a much affordable cost. It has good weather resistance and is always a good choice to be applied on your house entrance. 

Brick Effect

Our skilled designer painters are able to mimic the bricks effect using a specific type of putty coating, so that you can have the classical brick looking wall yet clean and easy to maintain.

brick wall textured effect
Wall Moisture Check

Wall Moisture Check

For freshly plastered and skim-coated wall, we will perform a wall moisture check to make sure that your walls are dried off to moisture level of 16 and below to ensure that your walls are fit to be painted. This small little action will guarantee you a quality workmanship and a long lasting paint on your walls.

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