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It is increasingly become common for homeowners and business owner to Do-It-Yourself on painting their own premises, both residential and commercial. However, when it comes to repainting and repair, you should think twice before doing it yourself.

Repainting and repairs can be a very challenging task as it requires time, effort, patience, skills. On top of that, it also requires the ability to identify root cause and the know-how to fix different problems in different surface conditions with relevant products. Professional painting contractors like us are equipped with the relevant resources. These including products, skills, and equipment to provide professional job quality that cannot be done by casual D.I.Y.

The main thing that differentiate a professional painter from amateur is that the painting professionals understand the entire painting process and able to pick the right painting systems that are relevant to different wall problems. Wall problems like efflorescence is commonly found in Malaysia due to its humid weather. When problem occurs in a wall, it normally appears on the surface, but the root cause needs to be identified in order to fix it totally and provide a long lasting painting job. The complication of wall problems often intimidates the amateur, even an experienced painters without proper understanding of the causes of different wall problems, and there are easily hundreds of possible causes for any type of damage.

We have a strong company profile and provide solutions to cover all range of different wall problems, including but not limited to the services listed here.

House Painting and Repainting


Our repainting service covers proper surface preparation with the necessary repairs depending on your wall conditions, in addition to the standard painting system.

Crack Repair

We repair any hairline cracks with elastomeric membrane that is able to bridge up the cracks and prevent water seepage into the wall. 

Crack Repair before Repainting
Railing Metal coat

Wood & Metal Recoating

Depending on your wood & metal condition, proper surface preparation such as sanding will be carried out if necessary. A layer of anti-rust primer and another layer of undercoat will be applied before any subsequent finishing.

Skim Coating

In cases that your interior wall skim coat has been damaged, we will reapply a fresh layer of skim coat to ensure that your wall looks appealing after the painting job is done.

Skim Coat
Waterjet pressure cleaning

Pressure Cleaning

Pressure cleaning will be done before any repainting job to clean out residues and loose paint films on the walls.

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